The Water Division maintains the water infrastructure, water lines, valves, and pressure reducing stations to distribute drinking water from the City’s water storage reservoirs, or tanks, to the homes and businesses within the community.  Their work includes the repair of water main and service line breaks which may occur in the street or in yards, the replacement of meter box lids which may be missing or broken, frozen water pipes, fire hydrants leaking or damaged, and any problems associated with waterline construction or maintenance. This work is almost always associated with excavation in streets or immediately adjacent to streets for the purpose of installing main lines, service lines and meters, or for the repair of the same.  The division is dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water by remaining educated and in compliance with all state and federal rules for water quality and distribution, and maintaining healthy relationships and appropriate interaction with local, state, and federal agencies and other organizations whose roles are critical and beneficial to our mission.

The Water Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s sources of culinary water supply and for the delivery of that water to the City’s reservoirs or tanks located generally along the east and south foothills of the community. The division operates and maintains water transmission lines, chlorinator stations, deep wells, booster pumps, pressure reducing stations, and storage reservoirs. This division is also responsible for water quality and routinely collects water samples which are analyzed for chemical and microbial contaminants.

To provide more information to our customers, we invite you to visit our web page concerning our Annual Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report. For those few individuals that have septic tank/drainfields, we ask that you please review and implement best management practices that can be found at the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The Water Division strives to better our community through prompt, reliable, knowledgeable service. It is our goal to continue providing small town, personal service even as our city continues to grow.