Police Department

OUR MISSION: The Tooele City Police Department provides exceptional law enforcement services to our community, including crime prevention and education. Police officers are well trained, well equipped, and highly motivated to relentlessly pursue crime while protecting the Constitutional rights of all people. We treat all people respectfully as we foster partnerships with individuals and groups who share in this mission.

OUR VALUES: To demonstrate our commitment to our profession and to the public, the members of the Tooele City Police Department subscribe to the following values:

Integrity: It is our commitment to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards as set forth in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Service: We will provide prompt, professional, and courteous service, unbiased and effective in our response to community concerns. We value courtesy, compassion, and respect.

Cooperation and Teamwork: We believe that the public is best served when employees work cooperatively as a team and with all of our community partners who share in our mission and values.

Professionalism: We believe continuous improvement is the mark of professionalism and are committed to applying this principle to the services provided to the community.

Creativity: We value the talents, creativity, and contributions of all employees, who are encouraged to think creatively in solving community problems.