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Central States:
June 8, 2023

Central States LogoCentral States Manufacturing, Inc. is a producer of industry-leading metal building components for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects, was awarded a post-performance tax reduction for its expansion in Tooele City. As part of the agreement, the company will add over 90 new, high-paying jobs and invest over $25 million in rural Utah during the next five years. 


May 12, 2023

LogoLeitner-Poma of America, an aerial lift manufacturer, was awarded a post-performance tax reduction to expand in Tooele City as part of the REDTIF program. The new Utah campus will serve as the headquarters and manufacturing base for its subsidiary, Skytrac. The company plans to add 236 new, high-paying jobs in the next ten years.

Trade & Industry Development:

In January 2023, Tooele City Economic Development was featured on the Trade & Industry Development website.  Check out the following links:

Economic Development Strategic Plan:

The Economic Development Strategic plan represents Tooele City’s efforts to expand and grow economic opportunity for residents. It can help guide job creation, revitalization, and other efforts to expand opportunities for the next 5 years. The guiding principles of the plan were developed by engaging stakeholders. They are to diversify the economic base and job availability, collaborate well with local and regional partners, and enhance quality of life in Tooele City. Please direct questions/comments to Jared Stewart at jareds@tooelecity.gov.

England Acres Trail Grant:

Tooele City was notified on Tuesday May 4th, 2021 of a successful grant application to aid in the installation of a paved trail at England Acres Park. This grant will provide Tooele City with an additional $150,000 towards the project and enable construction to start in the fall of 2021. The trail will run alongside the creek-bed from the intersection of Smelter Rd and Droubay Rd. It will be approximately 1 mile long and end at the northern portion of England Acres Park (1000 North).

Plastic Ingenuity:

Plastic Ingenuity LogoPlastic Ingenuity, a plastics manufacturer from the Midwest, recently announced it’s expansion to Tooele City. They have purchased an existing building at the Industrial Depot and plan to begin operations in 2021. They make plastic containers for food and medical devices and will create approximately 170 jobs over the next 15 years. On April 15th the Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced that Plastics Ingenuity will receive a post-performance tax credit as they produce high wage jobs.


Carvana LogoCarvana, a prominent used car vendor, has purchased land at the Industrial Depot for a westward expansion of their services. You may have seen their giant car vending machines in other cities. The Tooele City location will host thousands of cars as they are repaired and prepared for re-sale. Carvana will create hundreds of jobs for Tooele residents. On February 11th, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced a post-performance tax credit to Carvana as they produce high wage jobs.