Economic Development

Economic Development Story Map Full Screen Version

Welcome to Tooele City’s Office of Economic Development. Tooele is growing! In 2021 we launched a plan to help us grow responsibly and make sure that residents have the economic success they want. Our mission is to “advance economic opportunity and a high quality of life for all Tooele City residents”. Here is how we do it:

  1. Expand availability of local jobs to have diverse opportunities for everyone.
  2. Work closely with the County and State to partner and bring new businesses and resources.
  3. Seek funding through grants for special investment in the Downtown and Broadway areas.
  4. Prioritize investments to improve quality of life

In Tooele City, we take pride in both small and large business. We recognize the value business brings to our residents and we seek to help business succeed. Please reach out if you are planning to start or expand your business.