Community Engagement Division

Community Engagement Division
Our Community Engagement Division is part of our Parks and Recreation Department.  This division organizes programs, events, and training initiatives that promote community engagement by:
  • Providing opportunities for neighborhoods to be strengthened and citizens to interact;
  • Minimizing and addressing risk factors identified within the City and prevention initiatives; 
  • Promoting unification and building pride within our City;
  • Providing opportunities for families and neighbors to recreate; and,
  • Preserving and promoting the City's history and traditions.

This division encompasses:

Communities That Care®
For several decades, people have put a lot of time and energy into promoting healthy and positive development of youth and families. Most of these efforts have been done with the best of intentions, but with a lot of guess work. For over 30 years, there has been extensive research in the field of Prevention Science—showing what works and what doesn’t in our efforts to support healthy development of children.

Tooele City was very fortunate to be among the first communities in the nation to use this research. In 2003, we were able to pilot the Communities That Care Operating System--a customizable framework for prevention out of the Social Development Research Group at the University of Washington. This framework includes a coalition-based community prevention operating system that uses a public health approach to prevent youth problem behaviors including underage drinking, tobacco use, violence, delinquency, school dropout, substance abuse, and suicidality.

We are proud to announce that The Communities That Care program has been integrated into our Community Engagement Division, which will provide greater opportunities and programs for our residents. We continue to collaborate with local agencies, businesses, schools, and parents in providing the best prevention practices, strategies, and programming available.