Redevelopment Agency

Members of the City Council and the Mayor function as the board members and Executive Director for the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of Tooele City.  An RDA is a type of local government entity established under guidelines found in State Law. The purpose of the RDA is to improve the economic conditions within Tooele City.

State law gives the RDA certain abilities or tools, which include:

  • Creation of a Reinvestment Project Area—a geographic area where agreements are made with the City, County, and School district to “reinvest” property tax revenue to build infrastructure, incentivize new business, or otherwise improve the area economically. The RDA has two active project areas: one at the Peterson/Ninigret Industrial depot and another at Founders Point, the retail development near 1000 North and Main Street;
  • Purchase, sale, or management of property;
  • Issue bonds to finance improvements in any project area;
  • Pay impact or other fees imposed by a community in connection with land development;