Request for Appeals & Administrative Hearings

Administrative Hearing Procedures

Request for Appeal/Administrative Hearing Form (pdf.)

I request a hearing with the Tooele City Administrative Hearing Officer regarding a citation or a Notice of Violation issued to me.

1. To appeal a citation, Notice of Violation, or other decision, you must submit a statement in writing to the Tooele City Recorder, and pay the applicable fee.

2. Administrative Hearings will generally be held on the third Fridays of each month before the Tooele City Administrative Hearing Officer. The hearings are held at Tooele City Hall, 90 North Main Street, upstairs large conference room.

3. You will receive an email listing the date and time of your hearing.

4. If you do not appear at the time and place for the hearing, your appeal will be dismissed. One postponement of the hearing may be made by calling the City Recorder at 435.843.2111, or emailing michellep@tooelecity.gov at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing.

5. You will need to bring to the hearing all documents, pictures, etc., that you want the hearing officer to see.

6. You will be given an opportunity to testify. If there are other persons having knowledge of your case, you will need to have your witnesses come to the hearing.

7. The hearing officer will conduct the hearing and question the witnesses. The hearing will be conducted in such a way as to give you and the City a reasonable opportunity to present your positions. The hearing officer may allow both sides to question the witnesses.

8. The hearing officer will accept the type of evidence commonly relied upon by reasonably prudent persons in the conduct of their business affairs.

9. The appeal fee must be paid at the time of filing the appeal.  If the administrative hearing officer, after listening to the evidence, finds in your favor, your appeal fee will be refunded to you.