Pyrotechnics Permit Application

In order for this application to be considered, it must include the following requirements & required attachments:

  1. This application must be completed and returned to the Tooele City Fire Department at least 21 calendar days (3 weeks) prior to the date of display.
  2. Applicant must supply proof of a bond or certificate of insurance as outlined in Tooele City Code 3-4-13 for firework sales, stands, and discharge of fireworks.
  3. Attach a diagram of the grounds at which the display will be conducted. The diagram must:
    1. Be drawn to scale or with dimensions included;
    2. Show the point at which the fireworks/pyrotechnic special effects are to be discharged;
    3. Show the location of ground pieces;
    4. Show the location of all buildings, highways, streets, communication lines, and other possible overhead obstructions;
    5. Show the lines behind which the audience will be restrained.
  4. Applicant must supply names and ages of all assistants that will be participating in the display.
  5. Applicant must be in line with the 2009 International Fire Code, Chapter 33, and any other chapter listing within the Code that applies to the use and sale of fireworks.
  6. Application must include a $75 non-refundable fee.
  7. Application must include a deposit, certificate of deposit, or security bond made payable to Tooele City in the amount of $250 as outlined in Tooele City Code Fireworks Chapter 3-4-13(12).
Download PDF Application or Submit the Application below.

Pyrotechnics Permit Application


Address of Applicant or Sponsoring Organization



Utah State law requires that this display be conducted under the direct supervision of a pyrotechnic operator certified by the state fire marshal.


I understand and agree to comply with all provisions of this application and the requirements of the issuing authority, and will ensure that the fireworks/pyrotechnic special effects are discharged in a manner that will not endanger persons or property or constitute a nuisance