Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of our Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipients!  These residents are very deserving of this recognition for going above and beyond in their service to our community and our community is a better place because of them.

Do you know of a resident who you feel is deserving of a Mayor's Community Recognition Award?  Nominate them here!
Christy Johnson (March 2023)
Congratulations to our Tooele City Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipient for March - Christy Johnson!

Christy Johnson Photo

Christy was recognized at the City Council Meeting on March 15, 2023 (Video).
Christy was nominated by Melissa Wallace.

"Christy started working with the Tooele County School District in 2014 as the Homeless Liaison. This position was to identity those students who were facing poverty or homelessness. She would help these students to obtain showers at the schools, lunches and dinners on the weekend, and whatever the students needed to be successful at school. Every year Christy provided the “back to school closet” for those students that couldn’t afford to purchase supplies for the new school year. These students could select clothing, shoes, a new backpack, and various school supplies.

In 2020, a nonprofit organization arrived in Tooele that would help the adults that were facing homelessness and poverty in our community. She worked with Switchpoint to open a Thrift Store that would help with operations for the food pantry, domestic violence, and a temporary homeless shelter. When an opportunity came up to purchase an old elementary school for the homeless and those in need, including a 24/7 childcare facility, she jumped on board to get this up and running. Every year at Thanksgiving, she has organized “Project Thanksgiving” to help the seniors and shut ins receive a hot meal. Christy works 50-70 hours a week to make sure that the people of Tooele City are warm, fed, and safe. Melissa said that Christy is the most selfless person she knows."

Thank you for making a difference in our community!

Congratulations Christy!
Braxton Jordt and Payson Jordt (May 2023)
Congratulations to the Mayor’s Community Recognition Award Recipients for May 2023 - Braxton Jordt and Payson Jordt!

Braxton and Payson Jordt - May 2023

Braxton and Payson were recognized at the City Council Meeting on May 17, 2023 (Video).

"Braxton and Payson Jordt are brothers and long time Tooele City residents. These young men were in the Walmart parking lot when they noticed a person who seemed to be living out of their car with the hood up. They did not know this person but they offered to help diagnose the car problem and when they figured out what was wrong they offered to fix the problem (all while they were in the Walmart parking lot), they even bought the part because this person didn’t have the funds to do so.

These boys made a difference helping an individual with their needed car repairs and showed a selfless act of kindness."

Thank you for making our community better.

Peter and Louise Thermos (June 2023)
Congratulations to our Tooele City Mayor's Community Recognition Award recipients for June - Peter and Louise Thermos!

"Peter and Louise Thermos were nominated for helping the community by donating 10 sandbag fillers, shovels, and 5,100 sandbags for the flood mitigation efforts. 

Louise Thermos has been living in Tooele City for more than 30 years. She worked as a medical assistant for Dr. Johnson for many years until she was able to retire. She has three children, 2 girls and a boy. 

Peter Thermos was originally from Chicago and moved to Tooele in 1955 with his family as Peter's step dad was stationed at Dugway. Peter served in the Marines for 6 years, serving in Vietnam twice. He also also served in the Army for three years and worked for Dugway for 25 years until retirement. 

Peter and Louise have been married for 22 years and have enjoyed living in Tooele City. Both Peter and Louise belong to the Greek Orthodox Church and have strong religious beliefs. They feel very blessed and have learned that when you have been given much you to should give in return. They saw a need in Tooele City and wanted to be able to help the folks in their community."

Thank you for making a difference in our community. 

Adrian and Tiffany Day (July 2023)
Congratulations to the Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipients for July 2023 - Adrian and Tiffany Day!

Tiffany and Adrian Day Photo

Adrian and Tiffany were recognized at the City Council Meeting on July 19, 2023 (Video).
Adrian and Tiffany were nominated by their neighbor, Lisa Poche.

"The Day's were nominated because they are consistently seen serving within the community each day. They promote the best of Tooele City and find the local beauty in nature all around. Adrian and Tiffany enjoy the outdoors and are often found hiking, walking, running, skiing, and taking advantage of outdoor opportunities.

When the Day family isn't enjoying nature, they can be found cleaning up around the neighborhood by rebuilding retaining walls, taking care of weeds, raking leaves, lawn work, snow removal, and different up-keeps throughout the neighborhood. 

Adrian and Tiffany tirelessly assist their neighbors, friends, and community with a smile. They both serve the City of Tooele with their work and dedication, but go far beyond their jobs, as they serve each and every one of their neighbors and community members that are lucky enough to know them, and those that don't. There could not be a family more deserving of recognition of their service and friendship, than the Day's." 

Thank you for making a difference in our community. 

Gwen Roberts (August 2023)

Congratulations to the Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipient for August 2023 - Gwen Roberts!

Gwen Roberts Photo

Gwen was recognized at the City Council Meeting on August 16, 2023 (Video).
Gwen was nominated by her family. 

"Gwen has provided so many years of service to her community. Her days are filled with it. She is 80 years old and still serves others daily. She spends one day a week volunteering at the family history center, one day a week volunteering at the Tooele County Detention Center with the inmates, two days taking a handicapped daughter to work, and also putting together and helping run swim meets for all three high schools in the county. She has served in the DUP for many, many years. She spent countless hours at the DUP Museum fundraising and offering tours. For the last couple of years, she has headed up the DUP fundraiser of the Deseret Peak Temple handkerchiefs. She was one of the editors for the History of Tooele County hard bound book. Gwen also maintains the list of all veterans who have served from Tooele County. That list is published in the newspaper every Veteran's Day. Her daughter Becky has indexed over 600,000 names for Family Search. What people don't know, is that Gwen has had to review every one of those before they are submitted. That is no small task. In the past, Gwen served as an election judge for many years. She was a volunteer 4-H judge for the fair and served on the board of directors with the Chamber of Commerce. Gwen enjoys sewing and has helped many people with a variety of sewing projects. She has sewn scores of masks, crocheted ace bandages, and knitted beanies; all to be donated. She has volunteered to drive many people to doctors' appointments, the store, temple, and anywhere else they needed to get. She serves extensively in her church; always lifting burdens wherever she can. She has paid numerous visits to the elderly, both in their homes and later in care centers. She also served the Tooele High Swim Team as coach's wife, as a constant support and help to him for so many years.

She is the mother of 13 children and 53 grandchildren (along with their spouses), and 19 great-grandchildren. She is always attending their events and never misses a birthday. Gwen’s family said, service is the air Gwen breathes that keeps her alive every day. She has been such a blessing to so many in our community, individually and as a whole through her service."

Thank you for making a difference in our community.


Al and Bonnie Burger (September 2023)
Congratulations to our Tooele City Mayor's Community Recognition Award Recipients for September - Al and Bonnie Burger!

Al and Bonnie Burger Photo

Al and Bonnie were recognized at the City Council Meeting on September 20, 2023 (Video).
Al and Bonnie were nominated by Jessica Done.

"Jessica met Al and Bonnie through the Tooele City Library. Jessica said that Al and Bonnie are constantly supporting the community whenever they can. Al creates buttons and hands them out to everyone he meets just to bring a smile to their face. Bonnie helps him with the technical side of this and knows everyone in this wonderful city.  Jessica is yet to have them attend a class at the library where they didn’t walk in knowing at least one other person attending and always greets them with enthusiastic smiles and hugs. This couple spends their time helping at the senior center, inspiring those around them, volunteering at their church, and encouraging people at the library to learn technology.  Al and Bonnie enjoy getting to know their neighbors and become like family with everyone that they come in contact with. Every time Jessica meets with this amazing couple they are talking about cooking something for a neighborhood party, going to help set up an activity at the senior center, creating a new item to help new acquaintances remember loved ones that are no longer with them, and so much more. Despite all the challenges that are going on in their lives, this couple provides all their energy to help build this community up and make it a stronger happier place to be." 

Thank you for making a difference in our community!

Congratulations Al and Bonnie!

Diana Black - November 2022
Congratulations to Diana Black who was awarded the Mayor’s Community Recognition Award in November 2022.

Diana Black Photo 

Diana was recognized at the City Council Meeting on November 2, 2022 (Video).
Diana was nominated by Vivian Rose.

Here is what Vivian said about Diana, “I would like to nominate my colleague Diana Black. She is located at the center of our school in the library. She also is the centering person for so many of our faculty. When asked what her job is at the school many might reply librarian, yet she fills a lot of different roles. She was
given the extra duty of taking care of all the chrome books that our school received when Covid‐19 appeared. She has been front and center for school activities such as our end of year carnivals. When we are desperate for help in the front office, Diana is called to help and does an excellent job. Her hats are varied and fill so many voids. I believe one of her most distinctive attributes is her ability to make everyone feel welcome and valued. From students to staff, she has a welcoming smile, a listening ear, and empathy to spare. Many times, I will find her in the library working late in order to complete or prepare for the next day. She gives a lot of her own time and even recruits her family so things will run smoothly for our school. If I haven't said enough there are other factors besides her tireless work at the school. She also does volunteer work with a large women’s organization. I think she really deserves the Mayoral award.”

Thank you for making a difference in our community!
Congratulations Diana!