Prosecution Policies

Effective Date:
April 12, 2021

The Tooele City Attorney’s Office prosecutes misdemeanor crimes and infractions occurring within the Tooele City corporate boundary.

It is the policy of the Office to:
  • File criminal charges where sufficient evidence exists to satisfy the prosecution burden of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  • Prosecute crime while considering the totality of relevant circumstances and irrespective of political considerations. 
  • Hold criminal perpetrators accountable for their crimes and for injuries to persons and damage to property.
  • Support victims of crime through information and resource referral, through listening to and understanding victim concerns, through holding perpetrators accountable, and through seeking appropriate restitution.
  • Treat all persons with dignity.
The Office does not maintain specific policies regarding screening cases for charges, filing criminal charges, entering into plea bargains, making sentencing recommendations, discovery practices, collection of fines and fees, asset forfeiture, diversion programs, or restorative justice.